Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Lost Happy Endings - Rehearsals start tomorrow

Esther McAuley as Jub in The Lost Happy Endings.

Rehearsals start at mac, Birmingham tomorrow.

We have a superb cast:
Alison Halstead
Toyin Omari-Kinch
Caroline Parker
and Esther (pictured)

Photograph by Adrian Burrows

Our Creative Team is:
Producer - Louisa Davies (mac)
Designer - Laura McEwen
Puppetry Direction - Sean Myatt
Movement and Choreography - Joanne Moven
Lighting Design - Lizzie Moran (mac)
Sound Design - Dan Jones (mac)
Graphic Design for Projection - Nick Shale (mac)

The whole shebang is being held together by our production team:
Production Manager - Frances Rice (mac)
Stage Managers: Patricia Davenport, Sarah Ware